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Easily create beautiful & printable handouts to advertise your DonorsChoose projects

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“That looks awesome! It would definitely get donors' attention.” –Mrs. F

  • Automagically import your DonorChoose project's information and description.
  • Generate a beautiful PDF that can be saved, printed and shared.
  • Easily share your projects' needs with your friends, neighbors and local community.
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This website was created for's Hacking Education Contest. We designed this web app to enable teachers to more easily create flyers and handouts to spread awareness locally about their project. Not everyone is a social media ninja.

Ben and Billy


Print and Share was developed by Ben Sheldon and designed by Billy Brown. Please drop us an email or find us on Twitter. Also, read the changelog or get the code on Github.

Built with CakePHP, dompdf, phpqrcode, bi.tly, and the DonorsChoose API.